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"This will never be a civilized country until we expend more for books than we do for chewing gum."  ~ Elbert Hubbard

The Roann Paw Paw Township Public Library offers a variety of services for it's nearly 1600 patrons. Coining the term, "Techno-Heritage" some years ago, it has been the goal of this Carnegie Library to move forward in the latest technology while still honoring the past. The quaint and relaxing atmosphere of this library will invite you to linger; settling in to read a good book by the fireplace. Or you may be inclined to visit some of the other areas created for your enjoyment. There is a Teen Corner with gaming chairs, the Children's Department with its own TV and VCR for movie-watching, the Computer Lab with 4 terminals online, The Indiana Room for Genealogical Research, or the basement Meeting Room which is used for meetings or classes, and can be rented for private gatherings. On the horizon, we hope to offer a Cyber Cafe, where Patrons may sip the coffee of the day while taking advantage of our WiFi service. There is also a possibility of a Virtual Darkroom; using a Mac computer, patrons will be able to scan, manipulate, edit photos, and create slideshows for personal use. We invite you to come to Roann and visit us. You'll only be a stranger once.

  • Inter-Library Loan Services

    This service, available to Roann Library cardholders, allows a patron to receive books that our library currently does not have. There is no charge for this service and typically, patrons may keep the materials for up to three weeks. If you would like to request a book, please call us at 765-833-5231 during Library Hours.

  • W.O.W.  Words on Wheels Homebound Delivery Service

    Available to patrons residing in the town of Roann itself. This service is available to the elderly or those physically impaired; making it hard to get to the library in person. Volunteers will pick up and drop off desired materials at your door.

  • Fax, Copies, Laminations, and Notary Services

    Patrons may send or receive faxes from this location. Prices vary. Black and White copies are available for 10 cents per side. Notary services are available during Library hours. Prices are $2.00 per document. Lamination services up to legal size sheets available. For more information on these services, please call us at 765-833-5231.

  • Tutoring Site

    The Library allows Tutors and students to freely use the library meeting room for tutoring sessions. The room must be reserved by calling 765-833-5231. To find a tutor, please contact The Learn More Center at 260-982-6138, or toll free at 1-877-363-6128.

  • Computers/ Internet/ WiFi

    We currently have four computers online for public use. These computers are filtered by WebBalanced Technologies. The computers are open to the public regardless if they are library cardholders, or not. Time slots are in 30-minute increments. Printed pages from the computers are 10 cents each. WiFi is available during library hours throughout the building.

  • Children's Services

    The Library offers many opportunities for fun events throughout the year, to include most holidays, Dr. Suess' Birthday in March, and the annual Summer Reading Program, filled with activities, mini-contests, and prizes.

  • Non-Print Materials

    The Library offers more than books! Patrons have a vast collection of magazines, books on tape, music CDs, and movies on both VHS and DVD at their disposal. And there's no need to rush them back the next business day. Patrons enjoy a two-week check out period, just like our printed material.

  • Books For Babies

    Residents of Paw Paw Township who either have a valid Roann Library card or register for a Roann card, who has a baby under the age of two years old, are eligible to receive a Books For Babies book bag filled with 2 gift books and materials to help your child become a life long reader. It is one small step in helping to fight illiteracy in Wabash County.To find out more about this program, stop by the library today!

Celebrating the Birthday of Dr. Suess; March 2.

Celebrating Dr. Suess' Birthday, March 2nd.

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240 South Chippewa Road
P.O. Box 248
Roann , IN 46974

ph: 765-833-5231
fax: 765-833-5231